Wednesday, 28 October 2009

There will be home coming

I will be back,hopefully soon.
When I have words,thoughts,action and stories.
I will be back soon.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Sleeping in the library

Friend:So how's padhai going.
Me:Yewah,okay.What about you?
Friend:Hmmm same here.
(nonchalance everywhere I tell you!)
Me:So what's it like in the Capital(She is preparing in Delhi)?Do people study a lot there?
Friend:Well,one of my friend even sleeps in the libaray!!Doesn't talk to anyone and is completely shut off from the world!
Me:**Dies and  goes to hell**

There was no reason to not believe what she just told me.I for once did not have even an iota of doubt to what she had stated.This was no exaggeration.It's a maniacal frenzy and I want to be mad too!

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Words are all I have

That's what I like about blogging.

There are no rules.

There are no set parameters.

There is no format.

There is no compulsion.

No word limit.

No dictatorship.

No editorial hassles(hmm fine,you might want to work on that one for your own good).

You can write when you please and then take a LOOOOOOOOONG break.

No answerability,no accountibility.

It's FREE!!

It could be anything from an online journal,to a travel diary,a food guide perhaps?Or a space to vent out.Scratch the soul.Political opinions.

Thank God for the wonderful technology.

You could even let it pass when you want to write but have nothing significant to write about.No big deal.

Posts like these also work!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Kundli mile na mile,blood group zarur milna chahiye

We are going to call her Mrs.Housewife(abbreviated to mhw)because well,yes she is!A friend of mine since teenage.It's been almost a decade and we are touch wood,quite thick still.We talk on the phone,share our concerns and problems and meet up whenever she is in town.I,for one, always had(have) an immense respect for housewives so you see calling her mhw is in no way belittling her existence.But this post isn't about a housewife(though I admit I might straggle in that zone too) or about our friendship(which I absolutely heart),it's about a disease that she had called me up to ask about-a heamoglobinopathy to be exact which loosely explained is a disorder afflicting the RBC and making them less useful for their function.Depending upon the degree of ill-health a patient could lead his life from anywhere normal to requiring blood transfusion every month and suffering from hoards of infections.

Apparently,someone in her family had beta-thalassemia,thankfully,though a minor form.I couldn't resist asking her if someone else had the same disease.And yes,like I had expected others too suffered the same pathos,two of them being a couple and so,their child had thallesemia major with a need for blood transfusion every month!This was the first time I realized how not matching of blood groups before marriage can lead to such gory consequences later as my Zoology teacher would put in during coaching,"Kundli mile na mile,blood group zaroor milna chahiye".Being fed on a diet of pure conventions,I didn't honour the pearls of wisdom much then although years of colleging did change that.I agonised that whilst matching horoscopes might be imperative,blood matching couldn't be overemphasized either in the welfare of the would-be mother and the child who would sometime in future eventually enter the world.

Remember that scene from the movie Salaam Namaste where the female protagonist, Priety Zinta requests Saif Ali Khan to undergo a blood test in order to ensure that he is negative for thalassemia failing which their child could have thalassemia major as the heroine herself had minor form of the disease,exactly what I mean!Pardon me dear reader,writing the entire pathophysiology of the disease would be a little out of scope but you could check it here.Hey and doesn't this post makes total sense in lieu of all the hype over the movie What's your rashee these days(I am yet to watch it but I gather that it's all about astrological compatibility).Talk of perfect timings *chuckles*!

Saturday, 26 September 2009


Honestly,I didn't hate you as such but then I didn't love you either.I saw no reason why girls should swoon over you like a mad gushing bunch.You physique never really quivered me.You meant nothing.Your existence was of no standing value to me.Apparently,you were just a blue eyed poster boy.Till today.Till a few minutes back.Now,I am in love with you.You gave me that motivation amidst all the pulling back,all the lows.You just inspired me.There is nothing called impossible,you reinstigated that belief in me,for,somewhere it was all becoming fuzzy and forgotten.Shortcomings had taken over the strengths.They were almost on their way to victory defeating the will.But you showed me the way out.

You stammered,you still do you admitted.A disability not life hampering in an exceedingly large way but causing enough mental anguish nevertheless.I can't imagine what a difficult childhood you must have had.Oh!the boys at school would snigger and you would flunk the orals.Could you participate in the elocution and read fluently the chapters in class.Not a chance.You would walk with your head down and became painfully shy.

We only see what you are today,we didn't know you practice for an hour each day so you wouldn't falter under our scanning eyes.And I almost forgot about that back problem of yours-scoliosis.I feel a little backache today and I sat all day long pilling on muscle relaxants.You made me forget the little ache which I think was too much for me.Scoliosis, really?If you could manage that what is my pain!!With that gangly matchstick body,a mammoth effort to even utter words and a physical pain you triumphed.You did it!!With all those larger-than-life roles,speaking impeccable Urdu in long sentences you won our hearts!You are a Hero,thank you Mr.Hritik Roshan(and I am amazed how unmanageable it must have been to even speak your own name,an important part of your identity,like you told us you stammer most with the silent alphabets like "H" and other explosive words like "P").Hats off to you.

I am not a great fan of Celebrity Talk Shows usually but  Tere Mere Beech Mein by Farah Khan is OUTSTANDING!Go watch it to understand the power of today's episodes.


Friday, 25 September 2009

It would still kill

The glass was broken
It slipped off hand 
There were consolations and assauges
They didn't help
The glass lay on the floor shattered
The pieces would injure and cause to bleed 
 And no amount of commiserations would ever help that.

Monday, 21 September 2009

The Weakest Link


I often fail to realize why do some people criticize so much,not about the system,amenities or such worldly pursuits but people.Constant chiding leads to a complete break down of a person's confidence and the ever vulnerable self-esteem.A little unfavourable judgment can be bearable and constructive but when it is not balanced with some sort of appreciation and acceptance,it can be disastrous!This is not to say of the mortals who are born just for this job and would never let go of an opportunity to say negative things about anyone but of those who matter to us and to whom we mean something as well.And since their opinion counts if it is disconfirming all the time it zaps us of all the goodwill we thought we possessed.It pushes us deep in that dungeon of guilt like we didn't have enough baggages already. 

I don't say that impressions must never be expressed.They should be,nothing must ever bottle up.But yes,if something unpalatable has been spoken of a person and the soul in consideration accepts his mistake it shouldn't be the only thing ever told.Little appreciation when not in foul mood can wipe off most distraught accusations made in a fit of rage or so I believe.Why is it always so difficult to speak positively?Why do we unremittingly feel the urge to say that which is evil but think our minds can be scanned for what good we feel in our hearts?And to quote Carrie Bradshaw "Why is it is easy to believe the bad reviews and not the good ones"?

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Do you WRITE

I have realized that I can't write much these days,my handwriting speed has slowed down like a crashed PC.Once upon a time which wasn't as eons ago as it sounds I could write at the speed of lightening at the risk of sounding like exaggerating,using multiple coloured pens taking down the notes which would pass for a proper fair work.That was in college where note taking was important and helped much during exams for revision.Though I still use pencils to underline important points,but writing something like a full paper nope.Yesterday,I had to write an application and yeah,just like that I found it exceedingly boring to write with a pen on a paper.Finally flustered I thought wth!I'll just type it and then take a print out,pretty much convenient.It's always about EASE these days in everything.Do whatever you find easy,nothing fancy and elaborate.Do it like snap!and its done.

I remember collecting pens and dancing each time a got a new fountain pen.More the merrier,though my father would always question the logic behind many pens.His idea was keep the one which gave you the best writing or let me rephrase,always write with the one that suited your fingers.I LOVED the pilotpen but dad wouldn't see them while I was young,it had to be fountain,they formed the best writing he would order!There was this joy about holding your pen dexterously between your  thumb,index and the middle finger like it was an art.I'd observe people with beautiful handwriting and see if how they held their pen and which one they used.You could even find about a person's traits by looking at their handwriting-cramped,spaced out,large loops,cursive,terse.stylish or as many as you can think of.Invariably,best friends would subconsciously try to mingle others style with their own.I noticed this amongst many BFF or somehow you'd try to copy the handwriting of the person you idolized(z and s confuse me thoroughly,or is it do to with this British versus American English?) blindly.Well I did!

And then I graduated from fountain to pilot to finally the ballpen.They were easy to find anywhere and you could write SO fast with them.They came cheap and there was no need to buy ink for them.Just plain refills.Of course,by now I had a decent legible hand writing(will it by tradition make for bad prescriptions?)Aah!but they give out printed directions these days!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

It poured cats and dogs

Finally some "torrential" rainfall,picture taken off my cell ... on Twitpic

(PS:If you click on the picture you'll be directed to twitpic where you can see a much sharper and larger image)
Well,it rained quite a bit for almost twenty hours.I took this picture somewhere in the evening yesterday when it was still raining while we satisfied our taste buds with hot pakoras and tea!It wouldn't stop pouring and everything looked fresh and washed,much needed.The photo is not very sharp because what can you really expect off a 2mp Nokia cell phone camera but does the needful anyway!!Time to celebrate-who says there has to be some REALLY grand reasone.This is a reason enough.I LOVE rains.

Whilst our city is still below the optimum mark of water level something is better than nothing,elsewhere though it's almost flooding.Like the Marble city where I went for my college.I am told rivulets had formed in every lane and I suddenly started missing my old,rumbling roof leaking hostel "cubicle".That's the problem with most of us.Nostalgia is sweet but if we made an effort,present could be sweeter**sigh**.

 Anyhow,it's not bad either that we've been having these small mercies for the lovely grey,thick cloud laden weather and colourful blossoms.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Good Morning Sunshine

Ever wondered how beautiful sunshine is,even if we stay in a hot country.How it gently caresses you through the curtain while you are asleep past Sunrise and try to keep it away from your face by covering it with a pillow.It still washes the room a cheery yellow.The way Sun rays promise a new day and hopes,how it reminds of all the things to be accomplished.Don't you feel a rush of gladness just to be alive and  have another day at your disposal that you still can look forward to things even if they were incomplete yesterday and life gave you another chance of sorts.

Getting up in the morning can be a sore chore,it takes all your might to push yourself out from the warm and cozy embrace of a blanket and to get ready to face a new day and the challenges it brings not without its share of uncertainty.The way we yawn and stretch our limbs and then again go back to that sweet baby pose and keep snoozing,till something scares us(huh!late for college,office,geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet up).But there is something always calming about mornings(that is if you wake up early ;)) and soaking up in the just right sunshine,leaving you feeling all warm and energized(of course it has a scientific connotation) and preparing you to arm yourself with all your confidence and resources and move ahead.

But which morning ever be complete without a dose of coffee or tea.The hot brewing elixir for most of us.The aroma filling the kitchen mixed with an exquisite warm light while we force ourselves in some sort of yoga poses to get the blood thumping in our lazy bodies while we were busy sleeping!

Perfect days and perfect mornings if you catch them.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

For no rhyme or reason of mundane things

When I made this blog I thought I'd be updating it pretty regularly every time I needed to barf verbally after getting thoroughly bored but I guess that isn't going to happen quite a lot solely because right now nothing much seems to be happening.This venture,a product of boredom and monotony is being innocuously run over by the very cause of it's inception.And in a desperate bid to revive it here,I sit and type away furiously!

The weather is almost warm and humid,and like the rest of the country I am still wishing it would rain.Whilst it's not supposed to rain during this shradh period,some more water is much needed for the farmers so their crops wouldn't suffer and us,so we can use it in plenty for consumption viz drinking,bathing and filling our coolers with it the next summer(and if I am lucky enough,I'll be away away away).I remember(not that it has been very long) how we had had an acute shortage of water this summer and we had to bear the heat all the time because there wasn't enough water for our coolers,making us terribly uncomfortable.Thankfully though it rained much better that the last year.Last year water shortage reminded me of my hostel days when we wouldn't get the water supply sometimes even for 3 days at a stretch and we'd be starved and would fetch pales of bucket(felling all "Jilly") from a construction site where a new hostel was being built.

September always has this arid feeling about it.Just before it every thing is wet and green and then suddenly it becomes all sunny.This is time when you take out all your favourite shoes and dry them in the Sun to ward off the fungus if has accumulated in the preceding humid months.One would dry all their woolen clothes too,in anticipation of the coming winter months which also mark the period of major festivities.There is going t be Diwali,Christmas,marriages and New Year-fun times ahead except by the end of all the fun you are dreaded with the up coming exams as well!Tch tch!

No matter how much you try to enjoy if you are a student you'd subconciously think about how much time you are wasting and if you don't enjoy you'd waste your time thinking about it anyways.You'd make plans and time-table and every possible thing to make sure you can have fun and get good grades too.Most times,it works.I think I have been in exactly the same spot year after year ever since I can remember except for the first year when exams were held in July,that was one time when winter was most fun.

The uneasiness that September accompanies is in my opinion and mixture of the bad weather plus knowing how much of an up gradation is needed in the department of hard work,you know like how always it's the last months of preparation that matters while you look longingly at other people who have no exams ahead making merry!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Blog you mean?

Many of you asked me how to go about reading my blog everyday.Well,you could just hop here and do that provided you bookmark this page but then that wouldn't notify you each time I post.So the easier way out would be to SUBSCRIBE to my blog.If you scroll down the page you shall find a "Subscribe To Posts" tab which if you click on shall lead you to your desired reader(in most cases like it is with us-Google) and each time you log in to your account you could just go to the reader or simply click here(you lazy bum,I tell you!).That automatically delivers my new post to you or you could just fill out your e-mail address in the box(come on,you can search that much) and tada!like that you'll receive all my new posts in your inbox(and puhhleeeez,your inboxes will NOT be spammed.I can't keep a track the email ids,it's all Google's business)!

All right,so are we done?Besides that,today being the visarjan yay!no more loud lewd bhajans.This totally rottens name of the religion.We are all for God worshipping but shall strongly(?) protest that which doesn't let us live peacefully.May Lord Ganpati bless us :).Also,what's happening in your life?

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Mini Bus or School Bus?

What's a mini bus? know ..the one....which usually stands in between  bus no 1 and the BHEL bus...yellow coloured?

Oh!So that small bus?

Yeah..the same.

So is it like a private vehicle?

Ummm...I don't know.Private as in mine?Nope....

It's not school bus!!

Yeah since we don't club the bus fees with the tuition fees in the fee booklet.

School buses are so cool.All of them look the same,belong to the school and have these "bus leaders" too.It must be nice waiting for the bus at the stop together with all your friends a little away from your house.And mine,bah!!It picks me up right from my place,even waits for me if I got a little late.And only girls from my locality used it like it was a colony bus or something having been hired by one of the teachers late Mrs.H Malhotra for our ease.And what do I it a private vehicle or a school bus?Duh!the mini bus

Clearly, I wasn't adept at counting my blessings.And so,much to my parents' chagrin I attempted to board the school bus the nearest stop being something like two kilometers away.I failed,ended up missing the school and was told painstakingly about the merits of the mini bus.I still didn't believe.

School bus was way too cooler.Period.

And then this one rainy day happened.You know those days in the past when it rained so much that school declared a holiday and the joy of going back home to have an entire day off..without school!Only on this particular day since we had a mini bus to our self( a private vehicle) we ended up going to Van Vihar-the animal park!

With a heavy spattering rain,the yummy hot food(maggi,sandwiches,parathas,poha) in our tiffins and cozy inside our bus reveled in the beauty of the lake,animals and the trees.Never did I imagine mini-bus could be that functional.How that day will be forever etched in my mind.

I was glad,I was a part of mini-bus.You see it was way too cooler than the school buses :D

Just Arrived

Am I too late?Perhaps,considering that almost everyone has a blog now!!How was it born?I have no idea,I probably got the inspiration if you may call that, from a friend of mine-(thank you miss).

I am terribly bored,yeah,too much and I can't study right now because of the deafening sound emanating from the speakers of a jhanki, that sits right outside my boundary wall!The government must MUST have stringent rules for these perpetrators of religious traditions sound pollution.What good does it do,I ask you?Of course,it makes for a good festive site and  you do bow when you pass by them to seek blessings and yeah,you should be proud of such a nice,colourful heritage but then again,constant LOUDEST decibels impair my concentration and give me a h.e.a.d.a.c.h.e.

That's it from now me folks!More later,promise.