Saturday, 5 September 2009

For no rhyme or reason of mundane things

When I made this blog I thought I'd be updating it pretty regularly every time I needed to barf verbally after getting thoroughly bored but I guess that isn't going to happen quite a lot solely because right now nothing much seems to be happening.This venture,a product of boredom and monotony is being innocuously run over by the very cause of it's inception.And in a desperate bid to revive it here,I sit and type away furiously!

The weather is almost warm and humid,and like the rest of the country I am still wishing it would rain.Whilst it's not supposed to rain during this shradh period,some more water is much needed for the farmers so their crops wouldn't suffer and us,so we can use it in plenty for consumption viz drinking,bathing and filling our coolers with it the next summer(and if I am lucky enough,I'll be away away away).I remember(not that it has been very long) how we had had an acute shortage of water this summer and we had to bear the heat all the time because there wasn't enough water for our coolers,making us terribly uncomfortable.Thankfully though it rained much better that the last year.Last year water shortage reminded me of my hostel days when we wouldn't get the water supply sometimes even for 3 days at a stretch and we'd be starved and would fetch pales of bucket(felling all "Jilly") from a construction site where a new hostel was being built.

September always has this arid feeling about it.Just before it every thing is wet and green and then suddenly it becomes all sunny.This is time when you take out all your favourite shoes and dry them in the Sun to ward off the fungus if has accumulated in the preceding humid months.One would dry all their woolen clothes too,in anticipation of the coming winter months which also mark the period of major festivities.There is going t be Diwali,Christmas,marriages and New Year-fun times ahead except by the end of all the fun you are dreaded with the up coming exams as well!Tch tch!

No matter how much you try to enjoy if you are a student you'd subconciously think about how much time you are wasting and if you don't enjoy you'd waste your time thinking about it anyways.You'd make plans and time-table and every possible thing to make sure you can have fun and get good grades too.Most times,it works.I think I have been in exactly the same spot year after year ever since I can remember except for the first year when exams were held in July,that was one time when winter was most fun.

The uneasiness that September accompanies is in my opinion and mixture of the bad weather plus knowing how much of an up gradation is needed in the department of hard work,you know like how always it's the last months of preparation that matters while you look longingly at other people who have no exams ahead making merry!

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