Monday, 7 September 2009

Good Morning Sunshine

Ever wondered how beautiful sunshine is,even if we stay in a hot country.How it gently caresses you through the curtain while you are asleep past Sunrise and try to keep it away from your face by covering it with a pillow.It still washes the room a cheery yellow.The way Sun rays promise a new day and hopes,how it reminds of all the things to be accomplished.Don't you feel a rush of gladness just to be alive and  have another day at your disposal that you still can look forward to things even if they were incomplete yesterday and life gave you another chance of sorts.

Getting up in the morning can be a sore chore,it takes all your might to push yourself out from the warm and cozy embrace of a blanket and to get ready to face a new day and the challenges it brings not without its share of uncertainty.The way we yawn and stretch our limbs and then again go back to that sweet baby pose and keep snoozing,till something scares us(huh!late for college,office,geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet up).But there is something always calming about mornings(that is if you wake up early ;)) and soaking up in the just right sunshine,leaving you feeling all warm and energized(of course it has a scientific connotation) and preparing you to arm yourself with all your confidence and resources and move ahead.

But which morning ever be complete without a dose of coffee or tea.The hot brewing elixir for most of us.The aroma filling the kitchen mixed with an exquisite warm light while we force ourselves in some sort of yoga poses to get the blood thumping in our lazy bodies while we were busy sleeping!

Perfect days and perfect mornings if you catch them.

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