Sunday, 18 April 2010

Being a normal sleeper

Honestly,I feel like writing so many times,especially when I want a perspective on things.I like doing that,asking for people's opinion,what they think about a certain thing.I often end up getting views and possibilities that I couldn't have thought of,or didn't anyway and that gives a whole new dimension to most things.But the problem with blogging is,the best thoughts(blogworthy at least) come to me just before I am about to sleep.Now,who really has the energy to switch on the laptop and type when you could just forget everything and GO TO SLEEP.Ah!the sweet slumber.

I am such a fan of sleeping,more so,because I have had a reverse sleep cycle since almost three years.How I managed,just don't ask!I tried so hard to get back to normalcy and behave like normal human beings.Nothing worked for me.I would sleep till late noon and then go to sleep early in the morning earning much criticism.And then one fine day(actually,just a few days back) woooopie!(insert a certain Sarabhai here :D) it happened.I felt extremely sleepy around midnight and woke up fresh in the MORNING.Slept at midnight and woke up in the morning.Slept at midnight and woke up in the morning.You see that?It was such a HUGE deal for me.Makes me wonder if things are really in our hands or are we just puppets?I mean,here I was practicing sleep hygiene and what not all the time and couldn't have a normal,socially acceptable circadian rhythm,inducing melatonin production with tryptophan to sleep on time,getting enough sunlight to tell me lazy weird brain that it IS morning now,but BUT.NOTHING.WORKED.(Do I sound like one of those whiny sad people from Telebrands?)And snap!just like that it worked.I have no idea how.I think it was Divine Intervention.Divinity was finally satisfied that I needed an intervention....I so needed it.

Why was I trying so badly all this while?I guess,that's where I was behaving like a human.Trying,not giving up,bringing the Super power into believing how badly this was affecting me and that it was high time,some good happened to my sleep cycle.Not that my circadian rhythm is the only issue.There are more pressing,bigger problems.However,I am just happy at least something worked out for now.Funny,that I was planning to write an entirely different thing and all I wrote about was my sleeping patterns.But hey,I got a post to write :).