Thursday, 10 September 2009

It poured cats and dogs

Finally some "torrential" rainfall,picture taken off my cell ... on Twitpic

(PS:If you click on the picture you'll be directed to twitpic where you can see a much sharper and larger image)
Well,it rained quite a bit for almost twenty hours.I took this picture somewhere in the evening yesterday when it was still raining while we satisfied our taste buds with hot pakoras and tea!It wouldn't stop pouring and everything looked fresh and washed,much needed.The photo is not very sharp because what can you really expect off a 2mp Nokia cell phone camera but does the needful anyway!!Time to celebrate-who says there has to be some REALLY grand reasone.This is a reason enough.I LOVE rains.

Whilst our city is still below the optimum mark of water level something is better than nothing,elsewhere though it's almost flooding.Like the Marble city where I went for my college.I am told rivulets had formed in every lane and I suddenly started missing my old,rumbling roof leaking hostel "cubicle".That's the problem with most of us.Nostalgia is sweet but if we made an effort,present could be sweeter**sigh**.

 Anyhow,it's not bad either that we've been having these small mercies for the lovely grey,thick cloud laden weather and colourful blossoms.

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