Monday, 21 September 2009

The Weakest Link


I often fail to realize why do some people criticize so much,not about the system,amenities or such worldly pursuits but people.Constant chiding leads to a complete break down of a person's confidence and the ever vulnerable self-esteem.A little unfavourable judgment can be bearable and constructive but when it is not balanced with some sort of appreciation and acceptance,it can be disastrous!This is not to say of the mortals who are born just for this job and would never let go of an opportunity to say negative things about anyone but of those who matter to us and to whom we mean something as well.And since their opinion counts if it is disconfirming all the time it zaps us of all the goodwill we thought we possessed.It pushes us deep in that dungeon of guilt like we didn't have enough baggages already. 

I don't say that impressions must never be expressed.They should be,nothing must ever bottle up.But yes,if something unpalatable has been spoken of a person and the soul in consideration accepts his mistake it shouldn't be the only thing ever told.Little appreciation when not in foul mood can wipe off most distraught accusations made in a fit of rage or so I believe.Why is it always so difficult to speak positively?Why do we unremittingly feel the urge to say that which is evil but think our minds can be scanned for what good we feel in our hearts?And to quote Carrie Bradshaw "Why is it is easy to believe the bad reviews and not the good ones"?

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