Saturday, 26 September 2009


Honestly,I didn't hate you as such but then I didn't love you either.I saw no reason why girls should swoon over you like a mad gushing bunch.You physique never really quivered me.You meant nothing.Your existence was of no standing value to me.Apparently,you were just a blue eyed poster boy.Till today.Till a few minutes back.Now,I am in love with you.You gave me that motivation amidst all the pulling back,all the lows.You just inspired me.There is nothing called impossible,you reinstigated that belief in me,for,somewhere it was all becoming fuzzy and forgotten.Shortcomings had taken over the strengths.They were almost on their way to victory defeating the will.But you showed me the way out.

You stammered,you still do you admitted.A disability not life hampering in an exceedingly large way but causing enough mental anguish nevertheless.I can't imagine what a difficult childhood you must have had.Oh!the boys at school would snigger and you would flunk the orals.Could you participate in the elocution and read fluently the chapters in class.Not a chance.You would walk with your head down and became painfully shy.

We only see what you are today,we didn't know you practice for an hour each day so you wouldn't falter under our scanning eyes.And I almost forgot about that back problem of yours-scoliosis.I feel a little backache today and I sat all day long pilling on muscle relaxants.You made me forget the little ache which I think was too much for me.Scoliosis, really?If you could manage that what is my pain!!With that gangly matchstick body,a mammoth effort to even utter words and a physical pain you triumphed.You did it!!With all those larger-than-life roles,speaking impeccable Urdu in long sentences you won our hearts!You are a Hero,thank you Mr.Hritik Roshan(and I am amazed how unmanageable it must have been to even speak your own name,an important part of your identity,like you told us you stammer most with the silent alphabets like "H" and other explosive words like "P").Hats off to you.

I am not a great fan of Celebrity Talk Shows usually but  Tere Mere Beech Mein by Farah Khan is OUTSTANDING!Go watch it to understand the power of today's episodes.


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  1. Thanks for pointing to a lovely link, its truly inspiring the lengths people go to in order to succeed in Life... Makes you feel so blessed n lucky to have it all come so easy!