Thursday, 27 August 2009

Mini Bus or School Bus?

What's a mini bus? know ..the one....which usually stands in between  bus no 1 and the BHEL bus...yellow coloured?

Oh!So that small bus?

Yeah..the same.

So is it like a private vehicle?

Ummm...I don't know.Private as in mine?Nope....

It's not school bus!!

Yeah since we don't club the bus fees with the tuition fees in the fee booklet.

School buses are so cool.All of them look the same,belong to the school and have these "bus leaders" too.It must be nice waiting for the bus at the stop together with all your friends a little away from your house.And mine,bah!!It picks me up right from my place,even waits for me if I got a little late.And only girls from my locality used it like it was a colony bus or something having been hired by one of the teachers late Mrs.H Malhotra for our ease.And what do I it a private vehicle or a school bus?Duh!the mini bus

Clearly, I wasn't adept at counting my blessings.And so,much to my parents' chagrin I attempted to board the school bus the nearest stop being something like two kilometers away.I failed,ended up missing the school and was told painstakingly about the merits of the mini bus.I still didn't believe.

School bus was way too cooler.Period.

And then this one rainy day happened.You know those days in the past when it rained so much that school declared a holiday and the joy of going back home to have an entire day off..without school!Only on this particular day since we had a mini bus to our self( a private vehicle) we ended up going to Van Vihar-the animal park!

With a heavy spattering rain,the yummy hot food(maggi,sandwiches,parathas,poha) in our tiffins and cozy inside our bus reveled in the beauty of the lake,animals and the trees.Never did I imagine mini-bus could be that functional.How that day will be forever etched in my mind.

I was glad,I was a part of mini-bus.You see it was way too cooler than the school buses :D

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  1. yes i remember that mini bus .As i used to come by BHEL bus,those days were just awsum