Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Kundli mile na mile,blood group zarur milna chahiye

We are going to call her Mrs.Housewife(abbreviated to mhw)because well,yes she is!A friend of mine since teenage.It's been almost a decade and we are touch wood,quite thick still.We talk on the phone,share our concerns and problems and meet up whenever she is in town.I,for one, always had(have) an immense respect for housewives so you see calling her mhw is in no way belittling her existence.But this post isn't about a housewife(though I admit I might straggle in that zone too) or about our friendship(which I absolutely heart),it's about a disease that she had called me up to ask about-a heamoglobinopathy to be exact which loosely explained is a disorder afflicting the RBC and making them less useful for their function.Depending upon the degree of ill-health a patient could lead his life from anywhere normal to requiring blood transfusion every month and suffering from hoards of infections.

Apparently,someone in her family had beta-thalassemia,thankfully,though a minor form.I couldn't resist asking her if someone else had the same disease.And yes,like I had expected others too suffered the same pathos,two of them being a couple and so,their child had thallesemia major with a need for blood transfusion every month!This was the first time I realized how not matching of blood groups before marriage can lead to such gory consequences later as my Zoology teacher would put in during coaching,"Kundli mile na mile,blood group zaroor milna chahiye".Being fed on a diet of pure conventions,I didn't honour the pearls of wisdom much then although years of colleging did change that.I agonised that whilst matching horoscopes might be imperative,blood matching couldn't be overemphasized either in the welfare of the would-be mother and the child who would sometime in future eventually enter the world.

Remember that scene from the movie Salaam Namaste where the female protagonist, Priety Zinta requests Saif Ali Khan to undergo a blood test in order to ensure that he is negative for thalassemia failing which their child could have thalassemia major as the heroine herself had minor form of the disease,exactly what I mean!Pardon me dear reader,writing the entire pathophysiology of the disease would be a little out of scope but you could check it here.Hey and doesn't this post makes total sense in lieu of all the hype over the movie What's your rashee these days(I am yet to watch it but I gather that it's all about astrological compatibility).Talk of perfect timings *chuckles*!

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