Saturday, 19 September 2009

Do you WRITE

I have realized that I can't write much these days,my handwriting speed has slowed down like a crashed PC.Once upon a time which wasn't as eons ago as it sounds I could write at the speed of lightening at the risk of sounding like exaggerating,using multiple coloured pens taking down the notes which would pass for a proper fair work.That was in college where note taking was important and helped much during exams for revision.Though I still use pencils to underline important points,but writing something like a full paper nope.Yesterday,I had to write an application and yeah,just like that I found it exceedingly boring to write with a pen on a paper.Finally flustered I thought wth!I'll just type it and then take a print out,pretty much convenient.It's always about EASE these days in everything.Do whatever you find easy,nothing fancy and elaborate.Do it like snap!and its done.

I remember collecting pens and dancing each time a got a new fountain pen.More the merrier,though my father would always question the logic behind many pens.His idea was keep the one which gave you the best writing or let me rephrase,always write with the one that suited your fingers.I LOVED the pilotpen but dad wouldn't see them while I was young,it had to be fountain,they formed the best writing he would order!There was this joy about holding your pen dexterously between your  thumb,index and the middle finger like it was an art.I'd observe people with beautiful handwriting and see if how they held their pen and which one they used.You could even find about a person's traits by looking at their handwriting-cramped,spaced out,large loops,cursive,terse.stylish or as many as you can think of.Invariably,best friends would subconsciously try to mingle others style with their own.I noticed this amongst many BFF or somehow you'd try to copy the handwriting of the person you idolized(z and s confuse me thoroughly,or is it do to with this British versus American English?) blindly.Well I did!

And then I graduated from fountain to pilot to finally the ballpen.They were easy to find anywhere and you could write SO fast with them.They came cheap and there was no need to buy ink for them.Just plain refills.Of course,by now I had a decent legible hand writing(will it by tradition make for bad prescriptions?)Aah!but they give out printed directions these days!

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  1. Oh.. I used to be exactly like you. I used to love writing when I was younger. I still have my old journals from my school days. And I would collect fancy notebooks and pens and what not. But now, writing seems to be a lost art, at least on paper.