Friday, 3 December 2010

Win super MAC products of your OWN choice

Here's another giveaway for the ladies to look forward to.Srishti of Style Fashion Etc is hosting a giveaway of

1. MAC eyeshadow of your choice
2.MAC lipstick of your choice
3.Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Lipcolor in 'Top Tomato'
4.Oriflame Kajal Eyeliner in ' Silver River
5.ALDO Gold & Blue Bracelet
What's stopping you then.Hop on to her post here and enter to win the goodies.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Cool new gadget you want?

It's a little weird that I mostly end up writing whenever there's a giveaway which I can't help since I have been busy and it's better that I stay off internet.However,when goodies like Sony phone are up for grab for FREE you make sure that an effort is made to grab them.

Presenting ladies and gentlemen,Shreya of For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things with her great giveaway of none other than a SONY Xperia X8 with first of it's kind a human curvature design that fits snugly in your palm.It's compact,has a three inch screen,a 3.2mp camera,touchscreen and all Google features,available in shiny white and dark blue Sony Xperia X8 is Android 2.1 enabled.All you have to do is comment on the blog post as why must you win it.Simple, right?

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Dispelling the Vitamin C myth

It all starts with a scratch like feeling in your throat,like somebody sandpapered it and now,you're left with soreness.You see it coming and abhor it.You know what's going to follow.It's a ritual for most of us.Soreness,blocked nose,runny watering eyes,snuffles and the mother of all-a heavy head!Colloquially,it's called the Common cold.Common,I understand but cold I do not.I have known many people(including myself) to suffer from it even in the scorching heat.But let's not go in the semantics.

The things is,India being India where everybody is adept at imparting gyaan will tell you every possible home remedy to cure it.Good for me because when it comes to cold I am all for adrak wali chai,kadhi,honey and clove and the rest.While I don't mind the dos it's the dont's which I don't mostly agree with.The don'ts like,orange?No way,they cause cold.Custard apple?Are you nuts and that too at night?No,avoid sweet lime and lemon.Also,tamarind,guava-gala lag jayega!!

But being being me,I painstakingly explain each time how these savoury fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamin C and anti oxidants and help in body's defence against infections.That they must be consumed especially if you have a cold.So,I work on my favourite recipe,making a piping hot,tamarind enriched,replete with a dozen tomatoes,flavoured with generous helpings of garlic and ginger pods-rasam.I do get advised against that by some because it has,you know,tamarind which could lead to gala lagna.I proceed nevertheless.Taking in the rich aroma while I stir the ingredients and feel the fumes going right up my pharynx via my nose,soothing it.And just before I am ready to consume it,I sprinkle lemon juice in it.

It's the moment when that tangy rasam touches the back of your throat making its way through the hard and soft palate and you can taste mustard that world is going to be alright,that there is going to be no heavy head and no blockade.Not just that,I end up gorging on every citrus fruit and to annoy some especially at night ;).It works though,really!And let me share my secret quirk with you.I drink cold water,sometimes even have an ice cream during a bout a cold.Yes,the warm liquids do sooth the throat mucosa,providing relief against pain the cold works for me!Something on the line of loha hi lohe ko kat ta hai *chuchkle*.There is no scientific basis to that(and certainly none that I know of) but I take it as the cold compression which in many cases relives the oedema and inflammation.I strongly advise you against it though-Do as the doctor says,not what the doctor does.

And all said and done I do pop in my favourite orange antibiotics and anti inflammatories.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

This must be the season of giveaways

I can't rave enough about the girl,Mehak from Peaches and Blush I mean.I got my first sort-of-giveaway via her blog and now she is doing the same on hitting a century on followers.Firstly,congratulations girl and many more centuries to follow!And she's got a battery of makeup products for the celebrations to give away(though there are rules to follow).Let's makes things simpler.Just visit her post on the giveaway here and fill out the form.
Here,I am done!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

It SO pays to take part in giveaways and contest

I wasn't huge on participating in random internet competitions but then I won.I WON!!I am so excited,I can't even begin to tell you.I mean,would you believe I won?!Today,when I logged on my facebook,the first item on my feed said that I had won this quiz hosted by Clean Start by Dermatologica!This is by far,one of the best things that has happened to me in the past few days.

And I owe this to the lady behind the super blog-Peaches and Blush.I used to follow her blog via Google reader where she spoke of this contest and just like that I participated.Of course,I got all my answers right ;) and hey!there they told me today that I get to sample their goodies.Seriously,I am so bummed about it that it's even difficult to write a proper blog post today.Just go have a look on their Facebook page and keep participating in everything that comes your way because now I know Lady Luck does smile sometimes!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Street Style gives away their style

There!If you love these guys as much as I do and wouldn't mind rigging their piece of style(all legal albeit) then here's a chance for you :).These pretty ladies are hosting a give away of two very fabulous Vintage Waferers.All you have to do is hop on to their blog here and PARTICIPATE.And they have a splendid Facebook page too.Wish life was that easier as well!

I am telling you ,take my word,the girls there have none-too-complicated easy chic style.Very wearable!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

I always loved a teacher who gave more than homework to take home

If I had to credit all that I am and have today, it would undoubtedly,have to be my teachers.Beginning right from my parents who taught me how to talk,walk and the basic education I have a long list of teachers who have left a lasting impression on my life and thinking.Of course it's not possible to name all of them but you get the idea,right? Many times I said thanks,at times I must have missed it or been shy to express all the world's gratitude which I have truly experienced.

When I look back I realise how lucky I have been to be blessed with the most amazing people in school,college and beyond who believed in me,encouraged me and sometimes even tried to push me,what I thought at that time,was beyond my limits.Yet,today I am only too glad that they did what they did.It's always a teacher who moulds a student ,realises her capacity and makes her work .It is the never ending spirit of a teacher who keeps picking up the right student with the right aptitude for the the right thing and every year batch after batch polishes her students untiringly.I left amazed by their patience and the way they keep imparting what they learned,to see their students make even bigger in life.

I had the sweetest teachers in primary school who made sure our naive minds were dealt with as delicately as possible.Middle school saw them becoming a little stern with just the right amount of leniency.I love how our teachers told how important it is to study and play.I love how they scolded us when we got distracted and were getting out of the league and I miss how they pushed us go out smell the flowers and feel the sunshine when we overburdened ourselves with books.I shall forever be grateful to them making everything so balanced for us which without such mentors we would have missed.

I have learnt the art of being professional without losing the touch of compassion from my teachers.I learnt all the knowledge that I have today from them.I have learned the intricacies of human interaction from them and each time that I doubted my capabilities they were always there to make me realise what all is left to be achieved and can be achieved.I have learnt some of my favourite quotations from them.They were the catalysts.And then,there are the non-institutional teachers-people who inspired me,who always gave me some food for thought,made sure I keep going ahead.They all contributed to my learning experience.And here I must even mention those who taught me the importance of taking things lightly,sleeping a little tightly,of letting go,having a good laugh,in every way enriching me in their own ways.

Thank you dear teacher for being YOU.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Being a normal sleeper

Honestly,I feel like writing so many times,especially when I want a perspective on things.I like doing that,asking for people's opinion,what they think about a certain thing.I often end up getting views and possibilities that I couldn't have thought of,or didn't anyway and that gives a whole new dimension to most things.But the problem with blogging is,the best thoughts(blogworthy at least) come to me just before I am about to sleep.Now,who really has the energy to switch on the laptop and type when you could just forget everything and GO TO SLEEP.Ah!the sweet slumber.

I am such a fan of sleeping,more so,because I have had a reverse sleep cycle since almost three years.How I managed,just don't ask!I tried so hard to get back to normalcy and behave like normal human beings.Nothing worked for me.I would sleep till late noon and then go to sleep early in the morning earning much criticism.And then one fine day(actually,just a few days back) woooopie!(insert a certain Sarabhai here :D) it happened.I felt extremely sleepy around midnight and woke up fresh in the MORNING.Slept at midnight and woke up in the morning.Slept at midnight and woke up in the morning.You see that?It was such a HUGE deal for me.Makes me wonder if things are really in our hands or are we just puppets?I mean,here I was practicing sleep hygiene and what not all the time and couldn't have a normal,socially acceptable circadian rhythm,inducing melatonin production with tryptophan to sleep on time,getting enough sunlight to tell me lazy weird brain that it IS morning now,but BUT.NOTHING.WORKED.(Do I sound like one of those whiny sad people from Telebrands?)And snap!just like that it worked.I have no idea how.I think it was Divine Intervention.Divinity was finally satisfied that I needed an intervention....I so needed it.

Why was I trying so badly all this while?I guess,that's where I was behaving like a human.Trying,not giving up,bringing the Super power into believing how badly this was affecting me and that it was high time,some good happened to my sleep cycle.Not that my circadian rhythm is the only issue.There are more pressing,bigger problems.However,I am just happy at least something worked out for now.Funny,that I was planning to write an entirely different thing and all I wrote about was my sleeping patterns.But hey,I got a post to write :).