Thursday, 27 August 2009

Just Arrived

Am I too late?Perhaps,considering that almost everyone has a blog now!!How was it born?I have no idea,I probably got the inspiration if you may call that, from a friend of mine-(thank you miss).

I am terribly bored,yeah,too much and I can't study right now because of the deafening sound emanating from the speakers of a jhanki, that sits right outside my boundary wall!The government must MUST have stringent rules for these perpetrators of religious traditions sound pollution.What good does it do,I ask you?Of course,it makes for a good festive site and  you do bow when you pass by them to seek blessings and yeah,you should be proud of such a nice,colourful heritage but then again,constant LOUDEST decibels impair my concentration and give me a h.e.a.d.a.c.h.e.

That's it from now me folks!More later,promise.

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