Saturday, 4 September 2010

I always loved a teacher who gave more than homework to take home

If I had to credit all that I am and have today, it would undoubtedly,have to be my teachers.Beginning right from my parents who taught me how to talk,walk and the basic education I have a long list of teachers who have left a lasting impression on my life and thinking.Of course it's not possible to name all of them but you get the idea,right? Many times I said thanks,at times I must have missed it or been shy to express all the world's gratitude which I have truly experienced.

When I look back I realise how lucky I have been to be blessed with the most amazing people in school,college and beyond who believed in me,encouraged me and sometimes even tried to push me,what I thought at that time,was beyond my limits.Yet,today I am only too glad that they did what they did.It's always a teacher who moulds a student ,realises her capacity and makes her work .It is the never ending spirit of a teacher who keeps picking up the right student with the right aptitude for the the right thing and every year batch after batch polishes her students untiringly.I left amazed by their patience and the way they keep imparting what they learned,to see their students make even bigger in life.

I had the sweetest teachers in primary school who made sure our naive minds were dealt with as delicately as possible.Middle school saw them becoming a little stern with just the right amount of leniency.I love how our teachers told how important it is to study and play.I love how they scolded us when we got distracted and were getting out of the league and I miss how they pushed us go out smell the flowers and feel the sunshine when we overburdened ourselves with books.I shall forever be grateful to them making everything so balanced for us which without such mentors we would have missed.

I have learnt the art of being professional without losing the touch of compassion from my teachers.I learnt all the knowledge that I have today from them.I have learned the intricacies of human interaction from them and each time that I doubted my capabilities they were always there to make me realise what all is left to be achieved and can be achieved.I have learnt some of my favourite quotations from them.They were the catalysts.And then,there are the non-institutional teachers-people who inspired me,who always gave me some food for thought,made sure I keep going ahead.They all contributed to my learning experience.And here I must even mention those who taught me the importance of taking things lightly,sleeping a little tightly,of letting go,having a good laugh,in every way enriching me in their own ways.

Thank you dear teacher for being YOU.


  1. if this is your first post, its well-nourished, though its got more elements of an essay. you'd wanna work on a key-factor that brings spice to your writings- irony. of course there are other things like witty one liners, metaphors, symbolism blah blah blah.

    "taking things lightly,sleeping a little tightly..."

    this one had a nice ring to it. liked it.

  2. Love your blog design. Loved this post. Made me take a trip down memory lane too.

  3. @Akro:Thank you for commenting,point well taken.I had written this post for my teachers on Facebook,thanking them on Teachers Day(celebrated every year on the 5th of September in India).

    @ladylavendersays:You like it?I am glad,I tweaked it so much before settling on this one.